2017 Open Enrollment Period
November 1, 2016 - January 31, 2017

Need health coverage? Want to make changes to your current insurance plan? Don’t know if you’re eligible for any financial assistance? If you have questions like these – or others – Maine’s Community Health Centers can help.

Beyond providing high quality, comprehensive health care, our Community Health Centers have a strong background in providing education and enrollment support to people seeking health insurance coverage. Maine’s Community Health Centers have hired and trained outreach and enrollment staff to ensure everyone gets the answers they need.

Call your local Community Health Center today to learn more about your health insurance options. Most people can get help paying for insurance they buy through the Federal Marketplace. You don’t have to be a patient to get help to sign up for insurance and, if needed, Health Center staff can also help you apply for MaineCare.

Once you have health insurance, you can work with your doctor to prevent sickness and/or manage your chronic illness.
Establishing a primary health care home is the first step in accessing effective, comprehensive health care. People who have a constant source of health care are better able to prevent sickness, manage chronic illness and avoid emergency room visits and hospital stays than are people without a regular source of primary care. 

If you can’t get insurance through the Marketplace and don’t qualify for MaineCare, ask your local Health Center staff how you can still see a doctor and get financial help through their office.

Don’t wait. Call today.