In Case You Missed It: Recap of MPCA Needs Assessment Webinar


On March 30th, MPCA hosted a webinar featuring our Data Analyst, Ida Batista and Director of Communication and Data Coordination, Jeb Murphy, discussing the role of data in health centers needs assessments.

The webinar covered a lot, but some of the most interesting information was the data resource list that Ida had put together. This, in addition to some interesting questions to think about while viewing, made for an enlightening 45 minutes.

Some major takeaways were:

  • Needs assessments are best seen and used as living documents, something to be developed and worked with often, not only when asked for regarding grants, etc.
  • A list of data spanning various sectors and resources
  • A discussion on not only reporting data, but also developing the whole data story of your health center

This webinar was intended for leadership and those involved in the Needs Assessment process and the recording can be found by clicking here. For those seeking further information about data resources and needs assessment process, contact Ida Batista.