School Based Health Centers 


Maine Primary Care Association houses the Maine Assembly on School Based Health Center Care program -  a program dedicated to bringing together over a dozen of Maine's School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) to strengthen their collective voices and provide a forum for sharing experiences, resources and best practices.

School Based Health Centers are like a doctor's office in school, providing quality primary and mental health services, where students are every day, with the goal of keeping them healthier and prepared to learn.

The centers can provide routine physical exams, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illness, treatment of minor injuries, and screenings and immunizations. Many also offer dental health services, as well as primary prevention services including health education such as obesity counseling, physical activity and tobacco use prevention. 

They provide or connect students with mental health services including grief therapy, help with peer pressure, bullying and suicide prevention. School Based Health Centers offer services to all students in their school, regardless of ability to pay, as well as engage students, parents, and community members in advisory councils that provide leadership, guidance, and community perspective to health service staff and school administration. Services offered are decided by the local community, based on the health needs of students and values of the community.

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