Opening Letter

To Our Readers,

The theme of “strategy” is one that is appropriate for this newsletter for two reasons. One, in the past few months MPCA has finalized its three year strategic plan and has an exciting work to be done on the horizon. Two, the idea of moving our newsletter from an email format to a blog format was a strategic one in itself. With that thought in mind, we welcome you to our new blog format, one we hope will make our articles more accessible to an even broader audience.

As we live in what seems like a constant stream of communication changes, we at MPCA wish to stay at the cutting edge while remaining as accessible and current as possible. This accessibility is paramount to our members, but when it comes communicating the great work both we and our members are doing, the accessibility is important to the public at large.

Not only are we looking strategically at communication, but also throughout our organization. Through adding new positions, examining new programs, and seeking funding opportunities on a spectrum of new and existing populations and practices, we continue to positon ourselves strategically to continue being a national leader as both a PCA as well as individual health centers.

Following, as always, is a collection of perspectives of the work being done by both PCA staff as well as health centers. We invite you to take time to read through and reflect on not only how you are working strategically, but also how you can implement more strategic planning into your everyday processes.

We would also like to take this time to wish all of our readers a happy and healthy holiday season.

Happy reading and happy holidays,

Jeb Murphy

Director of Communication and Data Coordination