• Maine’s Community Health Centers (CHCs) are “Health Homes” for approximately 210,000
    individuals (1 in 6). The CHC Health Home or Medical Home model is like visiting your doctor’s office,
    your dentist, care manager, nutritionist, and counselor’s office all rolled into one. The range of services
    varies among CHCs, but the vast majority integrate a broad range of services into their health home
  • Maine has over 70 CHC locations which are open to everyone. They are providers of choice for those
    who have private insurance or Medicare; and they are safety net providers for patients with MaineCare
    or without insurance.
  • CHCs put the patient first. Health center patients serve on governing boards and patient advisory
    commitiees for their local centers, which gives them a say in the health care that is provided to the
  • CHCs Strengthen the Economy. Maine’s health centers employ approximately 2,047 providers,
    clinicians, support staff and administrators and contribute approx. $200 million to the state’s economy.
    Over the past 2 years, FQHCs positively impacted their communities by bringing $45million to Maine;
    ensuring that quality healthcare and enabling services are available to their patients.
    CHCs use Funds Responsibly. In 2013, Maine’s CHCs only accounted for 1.6% of total Medicaid
  • High Quality Health Care is the Hallmark of the Health Centers. 100% of Maine’s CHCs have adopted
    and implemented Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and are on the path to Meaningful Use; a step
    towards enhanced quality reporting. 100% of Maine’s health centers meet or exceed one or more
    Healthy People performance measure goals for the year 2020. Maine Currently, 95% of Maine CHCs are
    recognized as Patient-Centered Medical Homes, while the national average for recognition is 54%
  • CHCs are Local Leaders in Innovation. Over 93% of Maine’s CHCs participate in pilots and
    demonstrations across the state to test new models of healthcare delivery; seeking to improve
    quality, improve patient experience and decrease cost also known as the Triple Aim. These pilots
    include ACOs, PCMH Recognition (NCQA), MaineCare Health Homes, APCP and others.