Chief Executive Officer

Harrington Family Health Center

Scope and Responsibilities:

Reporting to a Community Board of Directors, the CEO will provide leadership to ensure the delivery of high-quality community healthcare services in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations.

The CEO will collaborate with the Board and Senior Leadership team in setting strategic direction and promote recognition as a center of excellence for its services, programs and local partnerships.

The CEO will be accountable for the overall Management and performance of Harrington Family Health Center (HFHC).

The CEO will build organizational capacity and capabilities, foster organizational growth and ensure quality services and financial sustainability for the present and future.

The CEO will be collaborative, communicate openly, and cultivate trusting relations with a myriad of key stakeholder groups especially in and around Downeast Maine, including but not limited to: private and public organizations; public officials at all levels of government; academic, business, and medical communities; and, the HFHC service community.

The CEO will serve as an active participant, advocate, and thought leader in local, regional, and national conversations about the challenges and opportunities health reform represents for community health centers, and its implications for HFHC and the people of Maine.

Essential Functions:

1.)    Mission, Vision, Values

a.    Leads the organization in developing a vision for the future and translate that into action by balancing the health center’s passion for mission with its need to effectively operate as a business with a comfortable margin.

2.)    Strategic Planning

a.    Works with the Board and staff to develop a strategic plan,

b.    Creates long-term and short-term goals to ensure HFHC priorities are achieved.

c.    Cultivates existing and new relationships, partnerships, and collaborations committed to improving the health and wellness of HFHC’s patients, including the most vulnerable, by working actively to forge a diverse range of trusting collaborations and partnerships with key stakeholder groups that are vital to the performance and operations of HFHC, including local healthcare providers and hospitals.

d.    Evaluates organizational structure and roles, as necessary, to determine what is best to serve the longer-term needs of the organization.

3.)    Leadership

a.    Cultivates and empowers a high-performing senior leadership team that works well together.

b.    Promotes a culture of openness and fairness that supports staff by building respectful and trusting relations with the Board and with clinical, operational and frontline staff.

c.    Encourages an environment of learning and excellence.

d.    Creates a stronger workforce for HFHC by investing in the professional and personal development of all staff to give them the tools, skills and confidence to grow in their jobs.

e.    Develops strategies for support, retain and show appreciation for the clinical and administrative staff who are integral to the success of the organization.

f.     Supports and nurtures HFHC’s team approach to clinical care, which stresses the value of the patients’ role in their own care and improve outcomes.

g.    Supports and improves internal communications and team performance.

h.    Works with the senior leadership team to develop strategies to retain and recruit a diverse team of talented, culturally-competent clinical, professional and administrative staff.

i.      Ensures high professional standards among all staff throughout the organization.

j.      Serves as HFHC’s ambassador by representing HFHC at the local, regional and national levels. Serves as a thought leader in shaping local, state and federal policy regarding community health centers and health equity.

k.    Enhances brand to advance visibility and recognition throughout the communities it serves.

4.)    Compliance

a.    Ensures compliance with all Federal and State legal and regulatory requirements by building the proper controls, and providing timely, accurate and complete reporting of financial, administrative, and operational information to Federal and State authorities.

b.    Maintains open and responsive relationship with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

c.    Demonstrates adaptability to meet programmatic and regulatory changes by encouraging openness, flexibility and creativity.

5.)    Fiscal Responsibility

a.    Works in concert with the Board and Senior leadership team to ensure the administrative and financial integrity of the organization.

b.    Establishes long-term financial sustainability by building on existing revenue models and strategically assessing and developing new models and revenue streams.

c.    Develops agreed upon metrics to monitor and measure the financial health of the organization.

d.    Ensure the success of the ACO arrangements.

6.)    Continuous Quality Improvement

a.    Continuously improves and strengthens HFHC’s organizational capacities and capabilities – its systems, human resources and business processes – as it continues to deliver quality care to a diverse and growing patient population.

b.    Improves the consistency, efficiency and effectiveness of business practices and systems.

c.    Utilizes data to monitor, evaluate and continuously improve operations and outcomes.

7.)    Patient/Staff Safety

a.    Ensures patient and staff safety through the review and revision of policies, procedures and regulatory compliance.

8.)    Board Oversight

a.    Maintains open and transparent communications with the Board.

b.    Reports to the Board on a monthly and as needed basis.

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