Certified Dental Assistant

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This position is part-time. Dental assistants work closely with and under the supervision of dentists.  Promotes and maintains health by providing dental and oral health services.

Dental assistants have a wide variety of responsibilities in their larger role of aiding the dentist. As such, dental assistants are in charge of several tasks. Some of the basic roles involve interacting with patients in the office and instructing them about oral health during and after the appointments. Other routine tasks include answering the phones and scheduling appointments. Some of the more challenging parts of the job description include taking x-rays and dental impressions.

All potential new employees will undergo a background and Office of Inspector General exclusion report and periodically thereafter.


  • Learn about patient’s medical history and take their vitals
  • Prepare patients for treatments and procedures
  • Make patients feel comfortable and relaxed
  • Prepare and sterilize dental equipment to prevent infection
  • Provide assistance to dentists during procedures
  • Use suction hoses as well as other dental equipment to keep the mouth of the patient dry
  • Keeping the office running smoothly by scheduling appointments, answering phones, ordering supplies, etc.
  • Teach patients about their oral hygiene
  • Take dental impressions
  • Take and develop X-rays Participates as an involved member in SCRFHC clinic team projects.
  • Participates as an involved member in SCRFHC clinic team projects.
  • Assist with QI activities.
  • Attend required meetings.
  • Self-direct, motivate and function successfully in a team environment.
  • Many of the skills required to be a dental assistant can only be learned while on the job. As a result, dental assistants receive most or all of their formal training while working.


Reports directly to the Dentist


1.      Practices team-based care

2.      Involved in huddles on daily basis per huddle procedure

3.      Attends required staff meetings

4.      Attends required training meetings

5.      Participates in clinic and team Quality Improvement processes

6.      Is invested in fostering patient self-management including involving the PCMH Care

7.      Attend monthly meetings at which clinics, PCMH, and best-practice procedures and business agenda are addressed

8.      Attend Performance Improvement Team and other QI committees as assigned


Radiology certification

Completing assigned courses in Compliatric.


  • Support and show gratitude to all coworkers.
  • Agree to ask for help when needed and ask questions to learn; be willing to grow in your role and position at SCRFHC.
  • Be part of the solution.
  • Believe and participate in change and be willing to engage in improvement process.
  • Model effective teamwork and collaborative communication.
  • Provide respectful feedback (in a private setting) when encountering conflicts; ask for help from supervisor as needed.
  • Understand and value that everyone’s role is important and contributes to the whole organization.
  • Be willing to learn, cross train, and share knowledge.
  • Model positivity.
  • Understand that body language matters.
  • Forgive and learn from failure.
  • Agree to be flexible and adapt to organizational changes.
  • Be mindful of challenges and burdens other colleagues may be facing and be kind.
  • Honor and appreciate all forms of diversity.

St. Croix Regional Family Health Center is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

To apply for this job email your details to tbrown@scrfhc.org