Maine Primary Care Association (MPCA) is a membership organization that represents the collective voices of Maine’s Community Health Centers (CHCs), which provide high quality primary and preventive medical, behavioral, and dental health services to nearly 210,000 patients in over 70 sites from North Berwick to Madawaska. Each CHC is unique and integrated into their community; the staff and members are innovative, creative, and focused on improving the health and well-being of the communities they serve - one person at a time.

For more than 35 years, MPCA has been an active participant in various health policy and quality improvement initiatives that enhance access to affordable, high quality, and low-cost health care for all. MPCA and its health center members are available to provide subject matter expertise and stories of Maine citizens impacted by the challenging health care issues of the day.

As the largest provider of primary care in Maine, CHCs strive for health equity, while identifying ways to increase efficiency, improve quality of care, and seek innovations in care delivery. CHCs are also a vital factor in rural economic development; they provide local jobs, spur local spending, and support local health care access and availability, all of which are critical to robust communities. Community health is not just about health care - as providers of integrated care, CHCs are keenly aware that social determinants of health (SDH) such as inadequate food, housing, employment, and health care coverage have a significant impact on patient and community wellness. As a result, CHCs work hard to find cross-sector opportunities to address these issues as well. This approach frames our 2020 policy goals:

  1. Take a Leadership Role in Directing Care Transformation & Re-Design Efforts
  2. Expand Mainer’s Rights to Health Care Coverage and Access
  3. Support Development of Healthy People & Healthy Communities

Federal Activities:

  • Advocate for timely appropriation of CHC Funding
  • Support efforts to protect the Affordable Care Act
  • Identify opportunities to minimize the impact of Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA) modernization project on Maine CHCs
  • Medicaid: monitor and address negative programmatic changes, such as block grants
  • Medicare: monitor and act on any policy recommendations re: reimbursement for telehealth and monitor national efforts to add a dental benefit to the program
  • Monitor federal activities and investments around the opiate/substance use crisis

Policy Contacts:

Darcy Shargo, Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Wyatt, Director of Policy & Communications

Marge Kilkelly, Policy Program Manager