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Archived Webinar: Provider Level Data Assessment and Feedback

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  2. Accountability Tracking - Table
  3. Accountability Tracking - Provider Results



Archived Webinar: Business Associates - Can You Trust Them With Your Data?

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Archived Webinar: Web Mail - A Convenience or a Data Breach Just Waiting to Happen?

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Archived Webinar: HRSA OSV Experience - Fish River Rural Health

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Archived Webinar: HRSA OSV Experience - Pines Health Services

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Archived Webinar: Phishing and Ransomware - Healthcare is a Prime Target

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Archived Webinar: Enrolling Patients in the MaineCare Limited Family Planning Benefit

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  2. What is the Limited Family Planning Benefit (LFPB)?
  3. LFPB Manual w/Codes
  4. LFPB Application Instructions
  5. Application for Health Insurance - Alice Apple
  6. New Benefit Mailing Letter
  7. Incomplete Letter
  8. Unreachable Letter
  9. Application Letter for Unreachables


Archived Webinar: Incident Reporting and Response - It's not a matter of if...

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  2. Sample Form - Incident and Breach Report
  3. Breach Notification Process


Archived Webinar: MIPS Informational Session with Health Centric Advisors

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Archived Webinar: Innovative Mobility Options to Support Patient Access to FQHCs

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Archived Webinar: Preparing for an Office for Civil Rights Audit

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  2. Desk Audit Report
  3. OCR Desk Audit Criteria


Archived Webinar: A Road Map for the Marketplace to Medicare

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  2. SHIP Fact Sheet
  3. Medicare Periodic Data Matching (PDM) Notice

Archived Webinar: Making the CHC Voice Heard

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Archived Webinar: Can I Get MaineCare to Pay?

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  2. Limited Family Planning Benefit
  3. Medically Needy Spenddown

Archived Webinar: Risk Analysis Review

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  2. OCR Desk Audit Criteria
  3. HIPAA Standards