Maine Primary Care Association (MPCA) is a membership organization that represents the collective voices of Maine’s Community Health Centers, which provide high quality, primary and preventive medical, behavioral health and dental services for 1 in 6 Mainers.

For more than 40 years, MPCA has provided technical assistance and training, housed relevant programs and services and advocated on behalf of Maine’s healthcare safety net and the hundreds of thousands of patients it serves each year.

Within this work we aim to strengthen Maine’s health centers with programs and services such as clinical quality improvement initiatives, workforce development, community outreach, health information technologies, risk management planning, strategic planning and technical assistance.

We also work to amplify messages shared among member health centers, bridge medical practices and the public health sector and provide linkages to community, state and federal partners including public health and allied agencies.



To champion and maximize the value of Maine’s statewide community health center network for the health and well-being of all Maine people.



A Maine where health care is high quality, comprehensive, affordable and accessible to all.



Our work, and that of our members, is rooted in the values of strategy, innovation, quality, collaboration and authenticity


Strategic: We take a balanced approach to building programs and services that are sustainable, meaningful and consistent with long range priorities.

Innovative: We seek new and effective ways to do our work. We look ahead for ways to identify challenges and to develop creative solutions that improve our ability to deliver training and support to Maine’s Community Health Centers. We strive to be the experts in issues that impact primary care delivery in Maine.

Quality-Focused: We want those who use our services to have a respectful and positive experience. We are responsive to requests for support that are consistent with our mission and funding guidelines. We deliver on our commitments and encourage consensus building with members regarding priorities.

Collaborative: We are dedicated to a team-based approach to providing services and support. We use feedback to develop evolving strategies for delivering high quality training and technical assistance. We work with Maine’s Community Health Centers and stakeholders to respond quickly to shifting needs and priorities.

Authentic: Our interactions with each other and health centers are genuine and transparent. We learn from our experiences and use that knowledge to improve our work. We honor people, new ideas and feedback.