What is a Comprehensive Workforce Plan (CWP)?

A CWP is an ever-evolving document that provides a strategic plan to address the growing needs of the workforce, patients, and community.

As defined by the ACU’s Star2 Center: “A comprehensive workforce retention, recruitment, and development plan describes the process for which a center assesses the needs of its patients and community while identifying strategies for building and sustaining its capacity to support those needs through qualified personnel that embody mission-driven, equitable, and inclusionary values.” Click here for more details.

Below are tools that can be utilized to assist your health center’s CWP development:

  1. Comprehensive Workforce Plan Template

This template is divided into sections that outline essential components to consider when developing your health center’s CWP. Each section contains questions and components to consider as you are assessing your health center’s needs.

Click here to download the CWP template.

  1. Comprehensive Workforce Plan Toolkit Framework

This toolkit provides an abundance of workforce-related resources, key areas, and questions that will assist you in your plan’s development. It  is meant to be used as a companion document to the template above.

Click here to download the Toolkit.

For more workforce planning resources: