• World-Class Skiing

• Championship Golf

• Boating and Sailing

• Legendary Fishing

• Spectacular Hiking

• Mountain Biking

• Snowmobiling for Miles

Our Community Health Centers are right where you can enjoy all your pleasures.

A Change of Scenery is a Maine Tradition

As a medical professional in Maine, you’re well acquainted with our state’s myriad charms. From the mountains to the sea, natural beauty is a daily reminder how living in Maine makes working in Maine a very special experience.

Imagine seeing the healthful difference your work makes firsthand.

A celebrated home to poets and painters, adventurers and discoverers, Maine has long been a magnet for those demanding more from life than the ordinary.

What may surprise you is the uniquely satisfying brand of health care delivery you can experience as a team member at one of Maine’s Community Health Centers. Every day, we are privileged to provide comprehensive primary care to anyone who walks through our doors, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

We are the providers of choice in our communities, and as such our physicians, clinicians, and support staff come to know their patients on a deeply personal level. Imagine seeing the healthful difference your work makes firsthand – on the sidewalks, in the stores, and on the playgrounds where you live.

The ultimate return on bringing your brand of care to one of Maine’s Community Health Centers is enjoying not only a rewarding practice in a supporting environment, but also the joy of having a job that loves you back.

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