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MaineCare to Cover Preventative Dental Care for Adults - Sun Journal, 6/30/22

More than 200K Mainers to get Dental Coverage - WMTW, CH. 8, 6/30/22

Dental Coverage to Expand to more than 200K Maine Residents - Associated Press, 6/29/22

In-school Health Care Clinic Will Offer Telehealth to All Bangor Students Next School Year - Bangor Daily News, 6/23/22

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Medication-first Opioid Treatment Model Expands to Half a Dozen Community Health Centers in Maine - Maine Public, 11/10/21

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Gov. Mills Announces $14 Million Plan to Strengthen Health Care Workforce - WABI, CH. 5, 10/25/21

Maine's Reeling Health Workforce Gets $14M in Aid, but Programs Won't Start Until Winter - Bangor Daily News - 10/25/21

Gov. Janet Mills to Announce New Initiatives Aimed at Addressing Shortage of Health Care Workers in Maine - Newscenter Maine, 10/25/21

Fish River Could Get $200k to Keep the Lights on at New Madawaska Health Care Center - Fiddlehead Focus, 10/19/21

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MaineHealth Awarded $1 Million to Study COVID-19 Testing in Vulnerable Communities - Portland Press Herald, 9/20/21

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Maine Republicans Join State House Protest Against Health Worker Vaccine Mandate, Seeking to Channel Backlash - Bangor Daily News, 8/17/21

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Penobscot Community Health Care to Buy Former MBNA Complex in Belfast - Mainebiz, 7/8/21

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