MPCA is ready and able to assist with workforce priorities among its members. We want to provide support in addressing the unique workforce needs of Maine’s Community Health Centers through training/technical assistance, strategic planning, dissemination of resources, and peer-to-peer connections.

HRSA’s Health Professions Education and Training Initiative:
Readiness to Train Assessment Tool

MPCA is working with the Bureau of Health Workforce and the nation’s PCAs to increase recruitment and retention efforts among health centers across the nation through HRSA’s The Health Professions Education and Training initiative (HP-ET). This initiative will enhance health centers’ capabilities to recruit, develop, and retain their workforce by exposing health and allied health professions students, trainees, and residents to education and training programs at health centers.

As a part of this effort, Community Health Center, Inc and the Weitzman Institute have created the Readiness to Train Assessment Tool™ to address a need at the national level to help health centers address concerns regarding capacity, resources, and organizational abilities when launching any health professions training program(s). It can support implementation of HPT programs at health centers and serve as a platform meant to encourage dialogue and action at various levels.

The Readiness to Train Assessment Tool (RTAT) is a 41-item, 7-subscale validated survey that will help health centers assess and improve their own organization’s readiness to engage in health professions training programs. The tool will cover seven dimensions of health center readiness for developing and engaging with health professions training programs:

After results are available and distributed to health centers, MPCA will be offering support assistance in creating strategic workforce plans in addition to training and technical assistance to meet the needs and goals of your health centers.

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