Statement of Support for the Health, Safety and Just Treatment of All People
Darcy Shargo, CEO, Maine Primary Care Association
June 3, 2020

“The senseless and reprehensible events of this past week have angered and saddened us all. It is clear that hate, racism and social injustice remain, unfortunately, alive and well in America.

The impact of violence on communities will continue to wreak havoc on the health and well-being of people of color—who are already struggling disproportionally with the impact of the current pandemic. We can – and must – do better.

MPCA and its member Community Health Centers oppose racism in all its forms, and stand united in support of the health, safety, and just treatment of all. Community Health Centers have long stood as leaders of social change and social justice efforts. In fact, the community health center model was born out of the civil rights movement of the 1960s and we will continue to push forward the legacy of those efforts through dialogue, policy change, and a commitment to addressing the many social constructs that keep people of color from leading healthy lives.”

Statement on Gov. Mills’ Expansion of COVID-19 Testing in Maine
Darcy Shargo, CEO, Maine Primary Care Association
May 8, 2020

“On behalf of Maine’s community health center network and the more than 210,000 people they serve each year, we applaud the vital work that Governor Mills and her team at DHHS and Maine CDC are doing to significantly expand COVID-19 testing capacity in Maine and to ensure that anyone who is suspected of having COVID-19 can be tested. As frontline providers in the COVID-19 outbreak, Maine’s community health centers are committed to protecting the public health. Supported by recent investments from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, community health centers across the state look forward to continuing their work with the Mills Administration and to further assist in this effort.”